Project Description


UX/UI design
Interaction design
User research
Mobile design
Front end
Back end

Eva Trabszo, an artist from Poland living in London was interested in sharing her artwork with the world and opening an online store to sell her drawings and merchandise. Collaborating with Eva, I have designed a portfolio website with an e-commerce platform. I helped Eva plan, design, develop, and launch her website using WordPress and Woocommerce.

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Eva wanted to transition from a third-party e-commerce marketplace and start building her own brand online.

After the initial briefing with Eva, we decided to create an art portfolio and store where Eva could have more flexibility in presenting and selling her work, building a better connection with her followers. Together, we identified her target audience and synthesized them into three personas.


After researching Eva’s customers and target audience, I identified their main goals and frustrations and translated them into different features implemented on the webiste.

Information architecture

Once the features were specified, I worked on information architecture, considering how website visitors would access the information and what are their priorities.


Choosing from different options, we decided to organize the content into a grid layout as it gave each of Eva’s works its own place on the page.

The design of the website is kept simple and elegant, concentrating the attention on Eva’s drawings. The home page, contrasting with the rest of the site, functions as a photo gallery for artwork in use, a quick introduction, and a call to action to contact for commissions. The minimalistic design allows for seamless browsing and shopping experience.