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Gyudon Restaurant Website

Creating a strategy and prototype design for a Gyudon restaurant.




The project was developed for a web design assignment as a part of the UX/UI specialization that included four online design courses offered by CalArts. The goal of the assignment was to conceptualize a restaurant and create a website for it that meets the user and client goals. The assignment scope focused on product design challenges of research on the context and user needs, planning strategy, structuring content, and developing interactive sequences. I have designed a prototype of the restaurant website for desktop and mobile.


Interface Design
Product Design


2019 – 2020




Oishi Gyudon is a restaurant that offers fresh Gyudon, a Japanese dish that consists of a bowl of rice with thinly sliced beef, onions and other toppings customers can choose from. Gyudon is delicious and fast in preparation, yet nutritious, so it is a perfect lunch option for busy working folks who have little time to enjoy their lunch. The restaurant will serve bowls of different sizes with various types of rice, thinly sliced beef and onions with additional toppings of user’s choice.


Oishi Gyudon will prepare for you a fresh and portable bowl of Japanese Gyudon with soft rice and beef with toppings of your choice. A perfect option for a quick lunch. Fast, yet delicious. Cheap, yet nutritious.


Name: Oishi Gyudon
Location: Miami Downtown, FL
Price Range: $6 – $30
Target Audience: busy folk, students



Since I have picked downtown Miami for the restaurant’s location, an area I am quite familiar with, I understand that the main demographic here are office workers from surrounding offices and students from the nearby college campus. Those folk are often busy and have a limited time for their lunch, so convenience is in a high priority in their daily routine. With this information, I was able to create user personas and determine the main user and client goals.


Site Map

Based on the client and user goals I created a sitemap to map out the user flow, addressing the challenges of potential users. Two order options are available to choose between a customized meal or a favorite bowl, giving the users an alternative depending on their available time. Besides an ordering process, the website has to provide information about the delivery range and time, prices, contact, open hours, and social media.



Creating wireframes I adopted a mobile-first approach, understanding that most impressions will be from people using a mobile phone. Three quick links are visible on the page load viewport and allow the user to easily access the most important information without going through multiple pages.


Visual Design

Following the wireframes, I composed a mood board to create a base for the design patterns to follow in my visual design of the website. Visual elements – images, typography and colors are corresponding to the general theme of the restaurant.



My work has received very positive feedback from other course participants resulting in a final grade of 100% for “UX Design Fundamentals” and “Web Design: Wireframes to Prototypes” courses that were part of the specialization. As for the project itself, for the next iteration, I would add an option to create an account or save the order information for the convenience of returning customers.


“Very clean and thought-out work. Great job, nothing to add!”

“I wish I could do it as brilliantly as you :)”

“I loved looking through your work and your process, everything was done very well, both the UX and UI wise. Plus, I loved the restaurant concept, good job :)”

“I love the colors, type, and imagery, especially those icons. Navigation and ordering process is clear.”

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