Project Description

Member Rewards

Signet Jewelers — June 2023


Interaction Design, Visual Design, User Flows, Research, Gathering Requirements


7 weeks


With the introduction of Member Rewards as a new program mechanic, our loyalty program members can now earn and apply shopping credits to their purchases in addition to promo codes.

I took the lead in designing the experience for applying Member Rewards in the shopping bag when shopping online, collaborating closely with architects and the program team.

The goal of this project is to enhance our loyalty program, increasing engagement and encouraging repeat purchases.

1.1  Mobile shopping bag page with the Your Rewards section for loyalty members.

1.2  Desktop version of the shopping bag after the update.

Gathering the Requirements

Before starting the project, we needed to understand all the requirements for the new program mechanic. We worked with the cross-functional teams to define a project brief, identify potential constraints, and outline key design considerations.

2.0  Product roadmap for the MVP release.

Structuring the Experience

To make sense of the complex project requirements, I started exploring the potential user flows considering all the possible scenarios that depend on different variables.

Factors such as membership status, authenticated state, exclusions, order total, items in the bag, applied promos, promo hierarchy, and rewards expiration would all result in a different experience for the user.

3.0  Project requirements translated into initial user flows

Exploring Ideas

Despite all the internal complexity, I wanted to create an experience as simple as possible for the end user, minimizing the friction before proceeding to checkout.

I explored different ideas through the lens of previously identified scenarios, highlighting the pros and cons of the user experience and technical debt.

With a tight timeline for the MVP release, I needed to design for an easy implementation. Some of the best user experiences required complex calculations and were not feasible in the short term, so we decided to put them out for the future and settle with alternative solutions.

4.0  Initial iterations of the reward redemption component.

Applying Rewards

In the final experience, loyalty members can easily view their most valuable promos and Rewards based on the items in their shopping bag. Toggling a switch applies the Rewards with all the discounts reflected under the Order Total.

5.1  Applying Rewards in the shopping bag

Selecting Rewards

Customers with multiple promos available can either choose the best combination of promos and Rewards shown up front or make their selection within a drawer. It was important to visually communicate that only one promo code can be applied per order, while the Rewards can be redeemed in increments of one dollar.

5.2  Selecting promo codes and choosing Rewards amount in a drawer.

Potential Scenarios

Collaborating closely with dev and product partners, I identified some of the edge cases that needed to be addressed in the design, such as considerations on what happens if the customer tries to override a promo code or if their Rewards reduce the order total below zero.

6.1 Scenario: User applies a loyalty Promo Code and Rewards with a global Promo Code already applied in the bag.

6.2  Scenario: The user’s applied Rewards amount was updated because they added a Promo Code.

6.3  Message banner variations used in the design.

Project Takeaways

This project was a valuable demonstration of the advantages of involving cross-functional teams strategically early in the process.

Dialogue with the program team allowed us to fill the gaps in the program requirements identified through design exploration. Collaboration with the development team helped us find a common ground to translate the tech constraints to create a user-friendly experience.

While keeping the technical limitations top of mind presented a challenge in simplifying all the complexity, the additional effort invested to outline all the requirements was worthwhile, saving us a lot of time before committing to design.

Senior Designer

Signet Jewelers


Defining Scope
User Flows
Interaction Design
Visual Design

Special shoutout to Kathleen for her invaluable guidance.